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Recovery Coach: An Affordable Alternative for Addicts

January 15, 2018

For a lot of people, an addiction counseling professional is just too expensive--especially if their insurance won't cover it.  And then, there are those who cannot uproot their lives to live full-time in one of the several Indiana recovery houses for men.  For many of these men, an affordable, practical solution might be the recovery coach.

A recovery coach is a person who has usually overcome addiction / alcoholism in his own life. He then works one-on-one with the man to offer him guidance on how to stay on the sober path. While an AA or NA sponsor usually focuses on helping the man work through the 12 Steps, an Indianapolis recovery coach gives the client recovery homework--talks with him about his challenges--maybe even drug tests him, to keep him accountable.

Think a recovery coach / sober coach might be a good fit for you?  Indy Sober Living is a recovery coaching service offered by the staff at Celebrate Freedom for less than half the cost of the hourly rate of Indiana addiction counselors. Text: (317) 622-6968 for information and appointments.

Why a Halfway House is Good for 

Mental Health and Addiction

May 15, 2018

It's a common practice for the addiction counselor or addiction rehab to recommend that a person, after a period of detox, go to a halfway house. But why? What is the benefit? 

Actually there are several benefits. First, let's consider the research.  According to numerous studies, a person who continues in a 12 Steps based program after detox but does so in a recovery house / transitional living facility is much less likely to relapse than the person who tries to do it on his own.

And that "doing it on his own" phrase explains most of the other benefits of the sober living home. These benefits: 1) He has a support system devoted to holding him accountable. 2) He's reminded constantly of the need to go to meetings, church services and classes that support his recovery.  3) He is no longer surrounded by his old using or drinking buddies, but is instead surrounded by like-minded people who want to stay clean.

In a phrase: The recovery house keeps you from having to go it alone! That's the crux of the problem with addicts in the first place: They are powerless to overcome their addictions just by their own willpower. Being successful requires help from a support network and from God. These are things that a Christian recovery house brings to the addicted man.

If you're not ready for a halfway house but still want help with your addiction, I do one-on-one recovery coaching. Text me, Rich Brown, at 317-622-6968

Smoking While in Early Recovery

June 1, 2018

Many people go into recovery houses still smoking.  Their thought is that it's too hard to give up both their drug of choice and nicotine at the same time.  But what do addiction counselors say?

The answer might surprise you.  According to addiction professionals, it's actually helpful to give up cigarettes at the same time that you are giving up the other addictions in your life.  Although most Indianapolis halfway houses allow smoking, the clients themselves might want to reconsider their preconceived notions. In fact, studies show that people in Indianapolis recovery houses as well as recovery homes throughout the nation are less likely to relapse if they give up cigarettes.

It's doubtful that this information will make a lot of difference in transitional living homes.  But for those who care about what science says--there you go.

What's the Meaning of 'Halfway House?'

June 4, 2018

Although at Celebrate Freedom, we prefer the term recovery house or even sober living house, many people are more familiar with the term "halfway house." So just what does this mean? "Halfway house" can be considered a term referring to where to are in your life and where we want to help you get. Men who have been asked to leave their homes because of their addictions, or even men who have recently suffered an incarceration or period of homelessness need a "halfway point." They need a place that is halfway between their lowest point and back to the life they once knew. In short, a halfway house aims to get you back home to the life you know by getting you "halfway there" with a temporary home where you will learn to use the principles of faith and accountability to recovery from your addiction.


June 15, 2018

Celebrate Freedom is looking for volunteers to serve as sober coaches for our male residents.  Each of our residents is in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.  The sober coach plans to spend 30 to 45 minutes with the client each week, helping him set recovery-related goals for himself and evaluating how he's done on the previous week's goals. He / she also shares how he / she has handled similar challenges that the client might be experiencing.  We are a Christian program, so definitely should not offer advice contrary to Christian tradition. Email: [email protected] for details.