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Celebrate Freedom has worked to help recovering addicts since 2010. And so, recently we felt it was our calling to develop a memorial for people in Indiana who have lost their lives to drug alcohol addiction. This would be a place that would permanently record the names of your friends, loved ones and acquaintances who were loved so much--and that substances took from us too soon. 

We are asking for $130 donations in the name of someone that you know who died because of addiction. This will go both to create and maintain the memorial and to support someone who doesn't have the money to live in a recovery residence, so that this person doesn't have to be the next victim of addiction simply for lack of funding. Cost for each man for each week at Celebrate Freedom is $130, which is why we're seeking $130 donations. Your tribute donation will make sure that the memorial honors your loved one's name, while helping someone else be able to afford a recovery program. What a tremendous way to make sure that these people who are enshrined at the memorial did not live--or die--in vain.

ABOUT THE MEMORIAL.  We have selected a hall within the Celebrate Freedom facility. As names come into us, we will create plaques that feature these loved ones' names. Over time, the plaques will line the hallway walls, and create a lasting memorial to these fallen soldiers in the war against addiction. Friends and loved ones will be welcome to set up an appointment to come visit the plaque that recognizes their loved one.

To make a donation, use our Paypal donation line. Simply go, on the Web or using your phone, to:

http://paypal.me/celebrate10124 . Or you can click the link below.

Thank you, and know that you are in our prayers.