Celebrate Freedom:

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Men's Transitional Living - 3, 6, 9 Month Programs


Virtual Tour of the House

Our Indianapolis sober living house sits on the northeast side of Indianapolis, in the Lawrence area. The property covers five acres and is well shaded by more than 20 trees on the property. This affordable Indianapolis recovery house is located in a middle-class neighborhood, more than 150 feet separating it from the nearest road. Parking is available off-street for more than a dozen vehicles. The landscaping is done by residents, including maintaining some beautiful flower beds.

The rooms inside feel like home--not like an institution. Inside are 16 rooms plus five bathrooms. There are 10 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen with two refrigerators, dining room, laundry room with a washer and one dryer, an office and a multi-purpose room with dining table and three computers with Internet access. We are a 12-minute walk from an IndyGo bus stop.  The director is just as likely to be joining the residents for a board game as to be in the office. At some halfway houses, you always feel like you're on the verge of being kicked out.  At Celebrate Freedom, those who work the program never feel threatened.