Anchor Men's Hall

Anchor Men's Hall

Anchor Men's Hall, created by the director of Celebrate Freedom, as an extension ministry specifically for those who share a common background of addiction that led to legal that we might help them find their way back to the best version of themselves.

Designed for Drug or Alcohol Offenders, Anchor Men's Hall is a New Concept in Addiction Recovery for Indiana

In the fall of 2021, the leadership of Celebrate Freedom branched out to the southwest side of Indianapolis with a new concept in recovery homes: Anchor Men's Hall. This halfway house is specifically meant for those who need a second chance at life because of a drug or alcohol-related legal issue. What makes it different?

* Resident-run but staff-monitored. A credentialed staff member with a decade of sobriety oversees resident leaders, advising them on best practices on running the house...but letting them, when possible, make the decisions.

* Team-Based Recovery. Anchor is operating on something we call Team-Based Recovery. That is, we insist that every important aspect of the house be done in teams--not by individuals. So our men go to meetings together, work on homework together, maintain the house together, go to church together, and more. Nobody who violates the unity of the team is allowed to remain at Anchor.

* Cooperation with Courts. The House Captain (Director) holds credentials with both the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction as a Certified Recovery Specialist and as a Corrections Professional 1 with the American Correctional Association. He is experienced at working with offenders, courts, and probation officers / case managers. An important part of his job is monitoring offenders on court-supervision on behalf of P.O.'s.


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