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Celebrate Freedom is unique among Indianapolis sober houses. 1) We are PROUD to be a house where residents pay their own way rather than receiving government grants to pay for them. The quality of the residents who are roommates with you is much higher when your roommate is not here on a handout. 2) Christian faith is at our core. 3) We have in-house programming and classes that rival those of professional rehabs. Relapse Prevention class is a required activity!

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Meet 2018 Graduate Mitch R.

MITCH (Pictured right) came to Celebrate Freedom with an addiction to alcohol, methamphetamines and other addictions. He left with a strong faith in God and a new stable life--free from addiction. See his story below.

Mitch Found Faith & Freedom From Addiction at Celebrate Freedom

Mitch came to Celebrate Freedom in 2017, doing probation time with the criminal justice system. More importantly, he came with a desire to finally be freed from addictions to methamphetamines and other substances. "I was given the opportunity to become a part of the Celebrate Freedom family and faith based program," says Mitch. "I was welcomed by professional and friendly staff. The staff is very hands-on, and they have an authentic concern and empathy for the men in the house."

Mitch latched onto the program immediately, attending multiple Christian 12 Step meetings per week as well as the in-house Relapse Prevention class. Like everyone, he was drug tested frequently--but an early relationship with God helped him resist the temptation to go back to intoxicating substances.

"Celebrate Freedom has a family like feel about it, men with a common struggle, coming together to fight and work on their ddictions. There is a curriculum and classes throughout the week, a Bible-based recovery workbook, Bible study, and outside church groups.

"I am grateful for my journey through Celebrate Freedom, helping me in my walk of sobriety and faith. I feel I have grown spiritually, mentally and emotionally as a result of my stay there." Today, Mitch is over a year clean from drugs and alcohol--and remains strong in his walk with Jesus Christ. 

You can walk the same path that Mitch did. Celebrate Freedom is a residential recovery program for men that takes a whole-person approach to addiction recovery. The medical evidence is that addiction is part biological - and so we encourage our men to work with their doctors. Addiction is also mental - emotional, and so we teach classes on managing triggers and we involve every man in one-to-one recovery coaching. The element that too many programs omit, though, is the spiritual. Addiction is also spiritual, and for this, we are unapologetically Christian. Our curriculum incorporates Biblical principles, Bible studies and church attendance. The Twelve Steps, which we use, also come from a historically-Christian foundation. We are more than just a halfway house or sober living...we are a complete Christian recovery program.

Call our recovery house at:

(317) 210-3733. Or Email



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CHRISTIAN RECOVERY MONTHLY is the newsletter voice of Celebrate Freedom. In it, we discuss principles of recovery from a biblical viewpoint. It is excellent for the family member who is trying to help a loved one with addiction. It's also a great tool for the addict himself. Or if you want to be involved in ministry to addicts and alcoholics, you'll find helpful information here. Just sign up to the left.

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There are several residential recovery programs for men in Indy. But a few things make our transitional housing stand out among the other halfway houses.

* We are unapologetically Christian. You should expect to go to church while here and attend Bible studies here, in addition to our Relapse Prevention and 12 Step meetings.

* We treat residents with respect, not like we are drill instructors--the unfortunate approach taken by many recovery houses.

* All of our recovery house staff have multiple years in recovery, compared to the philosophy of some Indianapolis recovery houses. 

* While we are not an Indianapolis drug rehab, we have in-house classes like some of the best rehab programs. We also have trained recovery coaches.

* Probation officers and courts recognize our program and send us men regularly for addiction management of drug offenders. If necessary, we also have a staff member who can go to court and testify on your behalf.

* We're just the right size. We don't have 75 to 100 residents, making you just a number. But we don't have just 4 or 5 men, which is too small for an accountability network. We normally have 10 to 12 resident beds filled, and two on-site staff. **Our guarantee: If our staff ever have to ask you what your first name is, your program fee that week is free!**


If you find you're not ready to move into an Indianapolis halfway house, Rich Brown, the Director at Celebrate Freedom, offers services as a Recovery Coach. Certified by the State of Indiana as a Certified Recovery Specialist, he is able to meet with you on a weekly basis and discuss some recovery strategies with you. Much more affordable than an addictions counselor. Text Rich at: 317-622-6968.

Celebrate Freedom is a Faith-Based Twelve-Steps 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are located on the eastside of Indianapolis, IN .


Like all nonprofit transitional housing facilities, we survive on donations and volunteers. Will you help us by filling one or more of these needs:

VOLUNTEERS:  Currently looking for a volunteer part-time chaplain, counselor, social worker, legal adviser, grant writer, a live-in intern with a background in addiction recovery.

BIG TICKET ITEMS: Electric dryer, van for transporting men to meetings and job interviews, new hardwood floor for office, carpet for living room, labor and / or material for a new parking lot

MEDIUM TICKET ITEMS: Computers, tablets, vacuum cleaner, carpet shampooer, breathalyzers, study Bibles, carrier-free cell phones (Not used), bunk-beds.

SMALLER, DAILY NEEDS: Towels, wash cloths, dish rags, garbage bags in various sizes, paper clips, rubber bands, staples, disposable plates and utensils and cups, 5-panel urinalysis drug tests, plungers, toilet brushes, electric or non-electric pencil sharpeners, deodorant, shampoo, bar soap, similar daily needs required at halfway houses/ recovery houses.

MISCELLANEOUS: Financial donations are appreciated any time. We specifically are trying to start a scholarship fund to help someone stay here while he’s looking for a job. Cost for one man is $475 a month.

Call (317)210-3733. Or Email:


Our Christian halfway house program needs you to join the fight against addiction.

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Coming Up at Celebrate Freedom

Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.


Jan. 20

Breakfast At Night

A shared meal for the guys, 6:00 p.m.


Feb. 3

Super Bowl Celebration

The guys gather in the living room to watch the Big Game on the Big Screen (65 inches). Pizza served!


Apr 21

Easter Dinner

Shared meal for the guys to help celebrate the holiday