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"Less Like Rehab, More Like Home"

If you want a new home where you can learn to function without drugs or alcohol, apply today. Don't think rehab, don't think halfway house, think instead of an actual home, with other men in recovery.


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OCT 31

Halloween International Dinner

Food and fun on the Celebrate Freedom grounds.

Men's Recovery that is Christ-Based and Grounded in the Bible!

We are a Christian recovery program. Our 12-Step curriculum is Bible-centered, plus we have weekly Bible study, along with evidence-based recovery classes and support groups.

Other recovery houses send you to outside AA or NA meetings. While you're free to do that here, we offer in-house programming 6 days a week. We have rehab quality programming but in a home environment.

While other recovery programs operate like a boot camp, we treat everyone with courtesy and respect. We don't look for excuses to get rid of you! And yes, if a doctor prescribes you a medication, you may continue taking it here.

The Inspiring Story of a Celebrate Freedom graduate.

If you want to read the inspiring story of Mitchell, one of our recent graduates, click here.

A Short Review

This video was not created by Celebrate Freedom, but we thought we'd post it. Mostly correct information, but the 30 day probationary period is actually 2 weeks.

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BLOG: Why Do Christian Recovery Programs Work?

-By Rich Brown

The facility that is now our ministry's primary home was once a home for Teen Challenge. If you've never heard of Teen Challenge, they are one of the few nation-wide residential recovery programs. Indianapolis Teen Challenge resided at this property for many years until changing to a privately run program in the mid-2000s. And it is distinctly Christian in its approach.

I was always interested in the numbers that Teen Challenge boasts. They regularly mention that around 80% of their graduates stay clean and sober after they leave. Celebrate Freedom has noted numbers among our graduates that is almost that high--and like them, we are Christian. So just what is it about their program and ours that creates such success?

* Teen Challenge and Celebrate Freedom stress the benefits of a long-term program. TC's is a year-long and ours is 9 months. Studies regularly show significantly lower relapse rates among those who stay in a residential program for more than six months.

* Other studies show lower relapse rates among those who pray regularly, read the Bible regularly and go to church regularly. Both Teen Challenge and Celebrate Freedom stress these habits as part of our programs.

* It's bee said that the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but connection. The people who do best in recovery are those who create new healthy connections that last after they leave the programs. Both Teen Challenge and our program pound it into residents that they must create a new network in church or in recovery home groups, to help them make the transition into the outside world.


If you find you're not ready to move into an Indianapolis halfway house, Rich Brown, a co-founder of Celebrate Freedom, offers services as a Recovery Coach. Certified by the State of Indiana as a CertifiedRecovery Specialist, he is able to meet with you on a weekly basis and discuss some recovery strategies with you. Much more affordable than an addictions counselor. Text Rich at: 317-629-5530.

Celebrate Freedom is a Faith-Based Twelve-Steps 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are located on the east side of Indianapolis, IN .


Like all nonprofit transitional housing facilities, we survive on donations and volunteers. Will you help us by filling one or more of these needs:

VOLUNTEERS:  Currently looking for a volunteer part-time chaplain, counselor, social worker, legal adviser, grant writer, a live-in intern with a background in addiction recovery.

BIG TICKET ITEMS: Electric dryer, van for transporting men to meetings and job interviews, new hardwood floor for office, carpet for living room, labor and / or material for a new parking lot

MEDIUM TICKET ITEMS: Computers, tablets, vacuum cleaner, carpet shampooer, breathalyzers, study Bibles, carrier-free cell phones (Not used), bunk-beds.

SMALLER, DAILY NEEDS: Towels, wash cloths, dish rags, garbage bags in various sizes, paper clips, rubber bands, staples, disposable plates and utensils and cups, 5-panel urinalysis drug tests, plungers, toilet brushes, electric or non-electric pencil sharpeners, deodorant, shampoo, bar soap, similar daily needs required at halfway houses/ recovery houses.

MISCELLANEOUS: Financial donations are appreciated any time. We specifically are trying to start a scholarship fund to help someone stay here while he’s looking for a job. Cost for one man is $475 a month.

Call (317)210-3733. Or Email:

                                           [email protected]@celebrate-freedom.org

Our Christian halfway house program needs you to join the fight against addiction.

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